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What exactly does .NET do?

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I hear things about managed code, interpreted code, JIT etc but what applies to C++ and what to C#? I have V6.0 now, and have no intention of using C#. What exactly is managed C++ - can I still call all the normal memory allocation functions, and windows resource functions (GetDC etc)? How would it be different to using unmanaged C++ in actually writing code? Is there a noticeable speed hit? Do you access DirectX the same? What about this interpreted stuff, where it is compiled each time on the fly - is that C++ or C# and how does it really work - compiled every time you run, or once before you run the app the first time? If it''s compiled to proper machine code why''d it be slower than normal code? Do you need extra baggage on your PC to run these types of app? Basically, when I get .NET, will their be any advantage to me switching my game programming to managed C++, or just using it as VC++7?
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Managed code is code that when run sends all of your personal information including credit card numbers directly to Microsoft for future processing...

Just think MS''s Java killer. Same thing really, but easier to deal with and much better dev tools than you can find for Java. Only other real difference is you are not stuck using one language, Java. Instead you can use C++ (managed), C#, VB, other that all compile to a common bytecode.

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