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Boost 1.29 released

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Original post by sark
Apologies for those who already knew or if this has already been posted - but boost 1.29 has been released.

Includes the long awaited generic signals and slots library.

Heh, you''re a week late

Personally, I think boost::format would do a world of good to people around here. Finally a type-safe printf replacement.

At any rate, if anyone managed to get an uncorrupted /boost/libs/python/example/, I''m interested. ( my messages do not seem to make it to the boost mailing lists )

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follow the link in fruny''s signature

it''s a set of templated libraries which make advanced use of c++ design capabilities. quite a few of the people who contribute are also on the c++ standards committee. some of their ideas will probably be standardised into the c++ standard library at some point.

there are all kinds of useful/interesting things. the latest version has a signal/slot library included which is useful if you want to implement the listener/broadcaster (subscriber/publisher) design pattern.

lots of useful and interesting things. and it''s all free (as in free).

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