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Jesper T

Dialog problem (win32)

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I have created a dialog with the resource editor in, it contains some track bars and some edit boxes. When the dialog is created I use SetDlgItemText and TBM_SETRANGE, TBM_SETPOS to initialize them. The problem is that when I create the dialog, the value of one of the edit boxes gets changed to '0', and one of the trackbars gets positioned at the minimum of its range. Im a little confused, since it only happens with one of the edit boxes, and only one of the track bars, and after looking over the code many times I cant find any difference about the way they are treated compared to the controls that works fine. One thing I have noticed is that the edit box that gets set to '0' will have have a marker flashing in it.. as if it was the defaulted or something (but I have already set a default button) So.. a piece of advice would be nice. Thanks. Edit: Never mind, found a way around the problem [edited by - Jesper T on October 18, 2002 12:02:05 PM]

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