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Cube engine details?

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After spotting this link over at flipcode, the whole projects environment & rendering sounds pretty interesting. Unfortunatly details are scarce and >8mb is a bit much to suck down my old-skool twisted copper pair So does anyone know any details about the internal organisation of the engine? I''m sure just tinkering with the editor would probably give quite a few hints as to how things are done. I''m particularly interested in the way it doesnt use huge amounts of map preprocessing, yet still appears to look rather nice and get good fps. Thanks

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Firstly, you could try emailing the author.

Failing that, I can hazard a guess that Cube uses a tilemap system. The world is basically a big 2D grid, with each ''cell'' storing things like floor height, ceiling height, floor slant, ceiling slant, texture for each wall, etc. In this way, it does not allow for Room Over Room (ROR) like in "true" 3D like Quake.

This way, a lot of the visibility stuff is just basic 2D maths, and because the world is by nature heavily tesselated stuff like lighting can be done per vertex (ie. no pre-calculations).

I''m just guessing here, of course.

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