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Game brightness

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Is there a way to increase the overall brightness in your game window without increasing lighting. Maybe a pixel format setting or something like that.

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It''ll vary depending on the API you''re using, but searching your documentation for ''gamma'' should point you in the right direction. I''m not completely positive, but I think the gamma methods in D3D only work in full-screen mode. Good luck!

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MSDN does not give me any examples of these commands other than the syntax:

BOOL WINAPI SetDeviceGammaRamp(

What is the LPVOID data type? Can someone post an example of using GetDeviceGammaRamp() and SetDeviceGammaRamp().

I''m guessing you''d just call it like this:

if (GetDeviceGammaRamp(HDC, ???))
SetDeviceGammaRamp(HDC, ???)

Am I somewhat close to correct?


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First off, the HDC is kind of irrelevant since this only applies to the whole driver, i.e., you can''t apply it to just a window. So just use the DC for the desktop window (I''m assuming MS Windows btw. )

The LPVOID points to an array of 3*256 unsigned ints. 256 for the red channel, 256 for green, ...

It''s kind of tricky what''s going on. There''s a paper on the web somewhere that explains what gamma is in this context but I don''t have the link and I can''t remember the equation.

But, I have code! It''s something I hacked together a while back. It looks like poo but it worked at the time. Hope it helps.


// iGamma: ranges from -255 to +255; negatives make the screen "darker"


void AdjustGamma( int iGamma )
HDC hDC = GetDC(GetDesktopWindow());

bool bMinus = iGamma < 0;

if( bMinus )
iGamma = -iGamma;

iGamma = min(max(iGamma, 0), 255);

if( hDC ) {
const int iNum = 256;
struct sRamp {
WORD wRed[iNum];
WORD wGreen[iNum];
WORD wBlue[iNum];
} wRamp;
if( GetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC, (LPVOID)&wRamp) ) {
for( int i = 0; i < iNum; i++ ) {
if( bMinus ) {
wRamp.wRed[i] = (255 - iGamma)*(i);
wRamp.wGreen[i] = (255 - iGamma)*(i);
wRamp.wBlue[i] = (255 - iGamma)*(i);
} else {
wRamp.wRed[i] = 65535 - (255 - iGamma)*(255 - i);
wRamp.wGreen[i] = 65535 - (255 - iGamma)*(255 - i);
wRamp.wBlue[i] = 65535 - (255 - iGamma)*(255 - i);
BOOL bRet = SetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC, (LPVOID)&wRamp);
ReleaseDC(GetDesktopWindow(), hDC);

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