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Book(s) question

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I went to my local Books-A-Million today and started reading Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0. I went originally to see if they had Programming Role-Playing Games with DirectX because I hear lots of good stuff about it. IGP is a great book!(spent 3.5 hours in there sucking info up!) I currently own Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus. I must say that IGP seems to ease you into game programming a little better (gentler?). It doesn't go into deep details, but thats why I have TOFWGPG. Anyway, to my question. Since I wasn't able to skim through PRPG, are these two books(IGP) totally different? I believe PRGP teaches using Direct3D, which I'm interested in, but want to play around with 2D stuff since it is supposedly easier to grasp for beginners. Can anyone elaborate on these books a litte to help me make my decision? The pros, cons,etc. Sorry for the long post, but its the only way I can get my points across. Boy, I wish I could do this when essays are due! Edit: I should note that my interest is in building an isometric rpg game, but I don't care if its 2D or 3D. [edited by - TWild on October 18, 2002 8:51:39 PM]

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