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I am wanting to send multiple messages to the same client from the server. They are NEW_PLAYER messages. The NEW_PLAYER message works fine and the new player is created on the client. The problem arises when I try to send more than one message to the client. Only the first message ever seems to arrive. The server code looks like this (simplified):
// Send NEW_PLAYER_MESSAGE to requesting client for each connected player

int players=0;
for(int playerCount=maxNumberOfPlayers;playerCount>=0;playerCount--) {
	if (playerList[playerCount].isConnected() && playerList[playerCount].GetDPNID()!=requestConnectedPlayersMessage->requestingPlayerID) {
	SendNewPlayerMessage(requestConnectedPlayersMessage->requestingPlayerID, playerList[playerCount].GetDPNID(), &playerList[playerCount]);

void SendNewPlayerMessage(DPNID dpnidDestination, DPNID newPlayerDPNID, CCharacter* newPlayerData) {

	// Cast data into appropriate structure (NOT INCLUDED HERE)

	// Send message

I have some logging inside the SendNewPlayerMessage() function and it does send the message the appropriate number of times. Here is the client code that should receive all the messages:
	Debugger.appendLog("NEW_PLAYER MESSAGE");

	// Cast the message into the appropriate game message structure (not included)

	// Create the new player locally (not included)

I haven''t included some of the code for simplicities sake, I know it works because it works if only one message is sent. The first player is received correctly and the new player is created, any other NEW_PLAYER messages are not received (it doesn''t even write the ("NEW_PLAYER MESSAGE") entry into the logfile. Is this because the client was busy processing the previous NEW_PLAYER message and so it missed any subsequent ones (I would have thought it would buffer/queue incoming messages). Or am I totally wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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