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Using past versions of DirectX

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Hi, i had a couple questions: If i used directX8.1 SDK and only aquire directX5 devices in my game, does this mean anyone with directx 5 or higher can play the game? and also since the search isn''t working, does anyone know how to tell dx8 to step back to dx5 (i remember seeing a command or something you put in your code)? Thanks BC - Free Your Mind -

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I don''t think you need to let DX8.1 know you''re "stepping back" to DX5.

From a cursory glance at d3d.h, you simply need to #define
which direct3d version you want to compile for, then just use the proper interfaces..

#define DIRECT3D_VERSION 0x0500
#include <d3d.h>

//remember, the LPDIRECT3D3 interface didn''t come

//along until DirectX6...according to d3d.h


That''s about all you need to do...just go through the header files and make SURE you''re not trying to use interfaces from later versions of DX, if you only want DX5 ones..

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I am currently doing the same sort of thing on my laptop, but I don't have the 8.1 SDK installed there. Instead I use the DX5 header files which came with VC. I guess if you just make sure you include the 'standard' ddraw.h or d3d.h (by setting the include directories order), you will be allright.
Just get the DX5 documentation, and use the interfaces as described. Your games will run on any win98 or higher machine (win95 users might have to upgrade to DX5).

[edited by - Prototype on October 19, 2002 6:48:39 PM]

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