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Delphi-source Map Editor?

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Fellow Delphians, I am looking for a Delphi-friendly map/bsp generator. I am tempted to start a porting project of the Genesis3D Gedit/Fusion2 level editor but that seems too extravagant. Can anybody suggest a more reasonable alternative? Thanks. - Joshua

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I found Quark after a nosey around - I''m not sure if it''s what you want, map editing-wise, but it seems to be written in Delphi.

Quark site
Source code

I can''t say whether it''s useful because I''m at work. Worst case, though, you take a look at the code and write your own editor.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Alimonster, thanks for the heads up.

For everyone else,

I downloaded a number of files through the links Alimonster provided. I started Quark and it complained that Python was not installed. So, I downloaded MiniPython and it still didn''t work. I changed machines and I got Quark to start.

I couldn''t find any Delphi source code, only Python source code. It was readable but there seemed to be an awful lot of it. It seemed like the bulk of the actual work was done in Python. To check this, I really needed to look at the Delphi source code. After examining the source code links very carefully, I realized I had to download WinCVS. So, I did.

When it started, WinCVS surprised me by asking for Python 2.something. I decided to ignore the message and managed to download the source code without installing Python again.

I had read a note about setting up the component packages first. So, I took care of that through trial and error. With a couple more path/directory tweaks, Delphi 7 was compiling pretty well... until it complained that it had encountered an ''invalid combination of opcode and operands''.

That''s when I decided to throw in the towel. I had coded assembly before but I''m darned if I''m going to go wrangle through multiple Delphi versions, multiple Python versions and assembler just to properly examine the code.

It seems like quite a large chunk of the processing code is actually Python code anyhow. I suspect Delphi is used mainly as a GUI framework. I wanted to check that but not that badly. It''d be easier for me to tweak the source code of existing C/C++ level editors.

So, the moral of the story is: be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

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