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HEEEEELP!!! with setting up clippers!

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I use this piece of code:
//Create a clipper, and attach it to the back_buffer

	directDraw->CreateClipper(0,&clipper,NULL); = 0;
	clip_rect.left = 0;
	clip_rect.right = 640;
	clip_rect.bottom = 480;

	region_data = (LPRGNDATA)malloc(sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER)+sizeof(RECT));
	memcpy(region_data->Buffer, &clip_rect, sizeof(clip_rect));
	region_data->rdh.dwSize =			sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER);
	region_data->rdh.iType =			RDH_RECTANGLES;
	region_data->rdh.nCount =			1;
	region_data->rdh.nRgnSize =			sizeof(RECT);
	region_data-> =		0;
	region_data->rdh.rcBound.left =		0;
	region_data->rdh.rcBound.right =	640;
	region_data->rdh.rcBound.bottom =	480;

	clipper->SetClipList(region_data, 0);

	//Clipper set up, and attached to back_buffer

and I get a black empty screen when I run the program, before I used the clipper, it worked perfect, please help! It''s nice to be important, but it''s more important to be nice. [edited by - Bad_Maniac on October 19, 2002 9:58:02 AM]

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Aaah, allright...
I have to use Blt instead of Bltfast. then it works like a charm...

I thought that you would still be able to use bltfast even with a clipper attached, and it would simply ignore the clipper. But that doesn''t seem to be the case. is that so, Or am I missing something?

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