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3d ascii engine !

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Hi girls&boys need some help! I want to create a 3d ascii engine...does that sound scary ? well first of all i am one of the not so good programmers . thats why i spent my time here in the forum .! I need some tips and tricks() The first thing what i want to create should be a simple square ____________ |..........| |..........| |..........| |..........| //////////// /////////// where to start ?what to do ? I thought of creating a simple array qube[6][6][6]: where i store my data ? I need your advice here at the beginning point !. So please help me If you think that sounds shit / tell me why ! Thanks for your advice nO

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if you dont know what you''re doing i doubt you can accomplish this.
a 3D engine is still a 3D engine.. whether it''s raster, vector, ascii, whatever.
it requires a strong knowledge of 3D math and theory.

;another space monkey;
[ Forced Evolution Studios ]


''In C we had to code our own bugs. In C++ we can inherit them.''

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I know
But is it possible to simulat one ,before i make the absurdest funktions to get a 3d engine ?
i know that its not really working , i mean that you simulate 3d
but its possible ?
right ? or not ?
Nexus Question day ?
(Dont kill my dreams )(couldn´t sleep last night because of that idea)


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What you need is a special ASCII poly filler; forget about the 3D stuff, as it's irrelevant. For now, focus on how to fill a given polygon (or perhaps triangle) using the ASCII character set.

This is really, really cool:
Original post by Michalson (in some other thread)

Original post by Yann L
I guess you'd need some kind of clever dithering to make it nice. But I have seriously not the slightest idea, if ASCII 3D can be tweaked to actually look good

Judge for yourself:

3D Rotating Cube with Plasma Texture

Its not by me (this is an *old* demo), though I've taken the liberty of compiling the source code into an exe for all the people out there that don't happen to have a copy of Turbo Pascal lying around. Make sure you hit ALT+ENTER to view it in full screen, the Windows text console was never designed to update this fast so it will look like crap if you run it in a window (I won't post screenshots as it only looks good moving).

[edited by - CWizard on October 19, 2002 11:46:31 AM]

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*cough* Could it be that this engine will ultimately have to render some ASCII fish, hmm ? *cough*

Anyway, a 3D engine is a 3D engine. ASCII or 1600x1200 at 32bit, it's the same thing. Actually, the ASCII version is even more complex than an engine operating in a graphics mode: it needs to calculate dithering, and use some smart character selection, in order to get good visual results.

If you already coded a software 3D renderer for graphics mode, it's pretty simple to convert it to a basic ASCII engine. Turn down the resolution, add dithering. But if you don't, then expect to work on it for the next year or so. You'll have to learn all the basic 3D theory, matrix processing, rasterization, etc.

/ Yann

[edited by - Yann L on October 19, 2002 12:18:56 PM]

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Hey thats nice !
I see clearer now ,
but the fog is still there!
First off all i should try to make a 2d array/[square] that circles around. is that stupid ?
creating an algorythm that copys me a character into a specific
position in the array to get the square !and then an algo to turn that square !
i´ll should try a little bit
maybe i have questions later on
thanks for you fast reply !!!
_this demo is really cool_
see you later

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I don''t know if what your talking about is the rendering or the rotations. I don''t think you have any or much experience with 3D coding, and you should read up on that first; there''s plenty of articles here on GameDev. The ASCII part is just about the rendering, and comes down to drawing polys of different colors.

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Well 3d ? that all sounds so hard , but is it really so hard ?
I thank you for your answer .
I only want to get in it if i do graphics or asci shouldn´t be the problem !
i want to do that dam thing _ and if it will take five years !
Maybe your right that i should forget about that 3d thing for now , but i have to think about it every day and that makes me
weird .Its good to have some response
thats the good thing of that forum !! It gets you in the right direction !
Yesterday i created my font editor :
its only an aray font[26][6][6]
and what i thought the whole day is that
that thing defines a 3 dimensional space ( if i am wrong correct me) So the only problem is to get that thing on the screen ( that it looks like 3d !)Thats called rendering ?
right ? So i havo to create my rendering tool (3d engine)
thats my prob ! i guess _

Thanks for your quick
(answers)i think i spell that answers wrong (my english isn´t so good)sorry

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