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Drawing 2D-Text into 3D-Window

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Hi. I got a simple 3D-Scene running in windowed mode of DX 8.1. I''d like to display the frame rate unsing the interface "ID3DXFont", which has a DrawText() -function. My call looks like this: m_pFont->DrawText("FPS:", 4, &textRect, DT_CENTER, D3DCOLOR_RGBA(0,255,255,127)); where m_pFont is the interfacepointer created with D3DXCreateFont(m_pd3dDevice, g_hFont, &m_pFont); and g_hFont is a Handle to a Font created with Win32-Api function CreateFont(...); All functions work(at least they don''t return error values) but there is no text displayed(not in my textRect or anywhere). Does anyone know what I''m doing wrong or if there is another easy way of diplaying 2d-Text without using GDI?

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Your problem most likley is that you are not setting up a rectangle for the text to go into. All you have to do is change the DrawText code to look like this:

m_pFont->DrawText("FPS:", -1, &textRect, DT_CENTER, 0));
m_pFont->DrawText("FPS:", -1, &textRect, DT_CENTER, D3DCOLOR_RGBA(0,255,255,127));

Your problem _should_ be solved now, the reason I call the first DrawText with 0 in the color area is because the ID3DXFont needs to know how much room is required to draw the text. If this does not work post back here, or email me at:

Good Luck, hope this solves your problem

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Thanks for the reply, but that didn''t do it.
Still the same problem.
When i run the app in debug-mode, i get a lot of DX-warnings about redundant SetRenderState and SetTextureStageState calls when i call the Draw()-func of D3DXFont in my renderfunction but the text is not displayed...

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