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Buffer Demon

Best newbie program of the year! No joke!

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Buffer Demon    162
Hey I am new to this message forum bulletin board of begginer game development programming. I am learning the C programming language, yes indeed! indeed indeed! C is so cool, but gamedev is so cool too. So I made this program as a tribute all you out there who love to learn how to program games. So here it is. This program is called *ALL STARS*. I can't tell you what it does. Because it is a cool suprise. I desinged, planned, budgeted, coded, debuged, and distributed this program all by myself. I am very proud of this program, very proud indeed! Yes indeed! Here are some notes: --- TITLE: *ALL STARS* AUTHOR: Buffer Demon DESCRIPTION: [CLASSIFIED] --- And now, finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. The file! You can download it from here: EDIT() /* Updated Version 1.2 Edit */ } } copy this url and paste it in your browser. I am planning on releasing the source later. Enjoy. Dam Awesome Buffer Demon I'm grand and yu know it! [edited by - Buffer Demon on October 19, 2002 9:28:55 PM]

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Antony Paul    122
I dont know why but it made me laugh.

It asks you for some details..first name, middle, last , age, sex etc then it goes fuck you name name name the boy/girl

absoulutely pathetic. He''s obviously a mong the way it took 4 attempts at his message

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Michalson    1657

How old are you %s %s %s the %s?
What is your gender %s %s %s ?(girl/boy)
Fuck You %s %s %s the %s that is %d years old!

Consider this the last time you post in my forum Fucho, under any name.

BTW, the other people on these forums are smart enough to actually know the different between a debug and a release build.

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