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sprites movement

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I''m using the scrolling game developer from this site. I ''m having trouble controlling the animation of a sprite. I need to control the movement so it looks like the sprite is being controlled by the arrows. The animation keeps looping even after i let go of the arrow keys. If anyone could help me i would appreciate it.

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Update your frames by input like this;



Then the sprite will animate while the player is holding the keydown. You then just have to test when the key is not being pressed and make the animation the standing frame.

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If you are referring to the Scrolling Game Development Kit, I recommend you post questions at the Scrolling Game Development Kit Forums where they will be seen by me more often

To answer this question, I believe you simply have to check the box to associate the animation speed with the movement speed. Please join us at the forums mentioned above and let me know if this does or doesn't work for you.

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