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Intersection Checking

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Hmmm. Need some help with my intersection checking code. At the mo it sort of works, in that I''m printing the hit/miss value to the screen and it does alternate between 1 and 0, but it''s all just a bit out (like object is in a slightly different postion/rotated a bit. My intersection code is as follows

int MeshInterSectionCheck(LPD3DXMESH pMesh)

	D3DXVECTOR3 vecRay, vecDir;
	D3DXMATRIX  matProj, matView;

	g_pd3dDevice->GetTransform(D3DTS_PROJECTION, &matProj);
	g_pd3dDevice->GetTransform(D3DTS_VIEW,		 &matView);

	D3DXMatrixInverse(&m, NULL, &matView);

	v.x =  ((( 2.0f * g_Mouse_pos_x) / g_Screen_width ) - 1) / matProj._11;
	v.y = -((( 2.0f * g_Mouse_pos_y) / g_Screen_height) - 1) / matProj._22;
	v.z = 1.0f;

	vecRay.x = m._41;
	vecRay.y = m._42;
	vecRay.z = m._43;
	vecDir.x = (v.x*m._11) + (v.y*m._21) + (v.z*m._31);
	vecDir.y = (v.x*m._12) + (v.y*m._22) + (v.z*m._32);
	vecDir.z = (v.x*m._13) + (v.y*m._23) + (v.z*m._33);

	BOOL Hit;
	DWORD Face;
	float texU, texV, Dist;

	D3DXIntersect(pMesh, &vecRay, &vecDir, &Hit, &Face, &texU, &texV, &Dist);

	return Hit;
This is mostly from Programming RPGs with DirectX, so Jim Adams, If your about, some help would be gratefuly received. btw. the mesh is defined as...
LPD3DXMESH              g_pMesh          = NULL;
and created like this...
    if( FAILED( D3DXLoadMeshFromX( "firstplane.x", D3DXMESH_SYSTEMMEM, 
                                   g_pd3dDevice, NULL, 
                                   &pD3DXMtrlBuffer, &g_dwNumMaterials, 
                                   &g_pMesh ) ) )
I don''t really understand the maths around creating the ray so having trouble debugging. The screen width height value are 800/600 and the mouse values range from 0 to these values (that seems a bit obvious now i''ve typed it but there you go) Help

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