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ref rasteriser problem + odd HAL rendering

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I’m trying to track down the cause of 2 problems. Problem 1 The Direct3D reference rasteriser seems to be broken on my system. I have DX8.1 installed, and I also have the enumerate reference rasteriser option check in the DX control panel. Whenever I try to use it in a program that I write, I just get black screen. I tried using a DirectX uninstaller and then reinstalling a fresh copy of DX8.1, however, the problem remained. Has anyone else experienced this? Can it be fixed? Problem 2 Again with D3D, however this time using HAL. It seems that D3D will render what seem to be rouge (seemingly random) triangles, or just not render what it is supposed to. I get this in programs I write along with many games that use D3D. e.g. Black and White -triangles are messed up… Ive re-installed drivers countless times along with DX, I haven’t yet tried to reinstall windows though. One other thing, I though it could be a problem with my hardware, however I ruled this out because OGL doesn’t have this problem (but I could be wrong here…). Has anyone seen this issue and, more importantly, know how to fix it ? Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated. btw, I’m running Win2000 on an Athlon 1.2GHz, ASUS A7M266 MB, Hercules GeForce2 GTS Pro (hasn’t been oc’ed) with Detonators 4041. [edited by - ZorD_98 on October 20, 2002 1:00:07 PM]

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- Up to date motherboard drivers.
- Windows2000 service packs.
- AMD CPU update drivers.
- WHQL certified graphics card drivers rather than uncertified/leaked drivers.

(In that order)

There are known issues fixed by both of the above with regard to those.

RefRast should work fine as long as you''re selecting Debug runtime when you install the SDK (rather than the retail DX or selecting Retail runtime). There may also be some registry key issues too though.

In code terms polys go mad like that when things like index buffers don''t match vertex buffers or if data gets corrupted travelling over the AGP bus (did I mention motherboard drivers ).

If it''s happening on a commercial game with a popular graphics chip used by many of the development team, then I''d definately suspect a hardware or configuration issue.

Another possibility is your BIOS settings, particularly things like incorrectly enabling fast writes, setting the AGP aperture too high or too small - try changing to "safe" default BIOS settings.

Try the SDK samples - do they do the same. Run DXDIAG (Start menu, Run..., "DXDIAG", try the tests and look for problems)

The fact that OpenGL stuff doesn''t tell you so much because it''s one of the apples and oranges comparison - how the OGL side of the detonator drivers transfer stuff to the chip can differ from how the D3D side of the same drivers does!.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Hi there,

Thanks for the advice.
I managed to get RefRast to work by reinstalling theDX SDK and making sure to select the debug build. thanks for that.

However, the other problem still exists. I tryed all of the things on the list, however, nothing changed . I also tryed to disable video memory shadowing. I tryed a range of AGP aperture sizes, however, there was no noticable change. Something of note though... after applying some of these changes, I would get a KMODE exception, however I dont recall what the exception were refering to. Could these blue screens hold some information as to what could be wrong?

Thanks again.

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