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[java] check out my demo

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A few months ago my roomie and I coded a simple asteroids-like game in java using the VisualCafe native abilities. Its pure java, but bundled together in an EXE with a Windows jvm. There was just some talk about using this method and I thought I''d share what we came up with. The game can be found at: Void Conflict It is about 2 megs due to the AWT dll''s that must be included for use with Windows. A little while ago we improved the engine a fair bit with JMF. However, the frame rate drops substantially. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions, etc?

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This sounds suspiciously like it is NOT pure java.

Distributed "windows" runtime
.exe format

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Well that''s what the original poster said - a Java source project but compiled to the native windows VM that''s included with the project.

I guess the statement of it being "pure java" is a bit off - but isn''t AWT part of basic java?

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It isn''t pure java in the sense that you can run the included file on any system. The source IS 100% pure java, just using VisualCafe''s bundling capability.

Its just another method of distribution for people who don''t want to make the end user worry about some of the less user friendly aspects of getting java running on a computer.

As I understand it, VisualCafe bundles the .class files in with a dll that functions as the Virtual Machine. This is all stored in the .exe file. I just put it up here because there was a thread awhile ago about doing just such a thing.

It also has the advantage of being a specific VM implementation. I have found that performance in games varies WILDLY from VM to VM.

If you are THAT concerned about it being in its purist form I can easily just jar it up and put it out there.

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