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Particles tutorial problem....

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Hi I have been reading the particles tutorial and I am not sure whether its a problem or something I cant understand. It occurus on just the begining of the drawing (like first cycle of the first particles group). Lets say my ship is positioned at x=5; y=5; particle[loop].x=0.0f; particle[loop].y=0.0f; particle[loop].z=0.0f; Those lines the tutorial used used to reset the particles position to center of the screen. I changed the 0.0 to the x and y position of the ship. It works but with only one flaw. Theres a "first group" of particles that are being drawn for about 1 second on the center of the screen and while they dissapear new particles begin to appear at the x,y position coordinates i specified. I believe the problem is at the begining of the loop where its written: float x=particle[loop].x; / float y=particle[loop].y; float z=particle[loop].z+zoom; I checked and those values are never reset on initialiasiation and im positive thats the problem. Anyone know how can I fix it? I tried various things and I couldnt figure out how. Thanks. Rotem Tal . [edited by - R3alTiMe on October 20, 2002 11:53:38 PM]

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you also have to set particle position at your origin when you create particel array (somewhere in setup stage)

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Thats the problem. I cant setup particle[].x or .y b4 the game starts...
Those explosions appear after collision detect.
Lets say after collision i keep in variables xpos and ypos the coordinates of the emitter. How can I set it up ?
It WILL work but only after the first group of particles will be shown at point 0,0.
I debugged and
float x=particle[loop].x;
float y=particle[loop].y;

does evaluate x and y to 0. How else I can assign different values?

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