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Please Help I am stuck

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Hello, when compiling this file Iam getting the compiler error c2011 error C2011: ''GPSprite'' : ''class'' type redefinition... I cant figure out whats the problem Heres the code : Header: #include <ddraw.h> #include "Variables.h" class GPSprite { public: GPSprite(int x, int y,int width,int height, int type); GPSprite(); bool GPSSetAnim(int index, int duration = -1); ... -SNIP- ... int sequencearray[10]; protected: int xpos , ypos,breite,hoehe; int type; bool loaded; bool movement; bool visible; ... -SNIP- ... private: }; And here the source file: #include <windows.h> // include important windows stuff SOME MORE HERE.. #include <ddraw.h> #include "Graphics.h" #include "GPSprite.h" #include "Variables.h" #include "debug.h" extern char buffer[80]; extern HWND main_window_handle; GPSprite::GPSprite(int x, int y, int width, int height, int itype ) { xpos = x; ypos = y; breite= width; hoehe = height; type = itype; SetBounds(); active = false; movement = false; visible = true; animstate = SPRITE_ANIM_STATE_RUNNING; loaded = false; framepointer = 0; sequencepointer = 0; velocity = 10; runtype = SPRITE_ANIMATE_LOOP; for(int i=0;i<10;i++) sequencearray = -1; } GPSprite::GPSprite() { xpos = 0; ypos = 0; breite= 100; hoehe = 100; type = SPRITE_SINGLE_FRAME; SetBounds(); active = false; movement = false; visible = true; loaded = false; } ... -SNIP- ... Some functions here ... I really have no clue , please help, using visual studio .net thanks in advance amigo

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Looks like you''re including the header file that defines GPSprite more than once somewhere; maybe Variables.h includes it?

The easy answer is to try putting #pragma once at the top of every header file; that way, each will only get included once, and will be ignored if you try and include it a second time somewhere.


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You could check for a definition and bypass the whole header if it's already defined. If it's not defined, define it and then proceed to the rest of the header file as follows

#include <d3d8.h>


class CClassDefinition
// public stuff here

// private stuff here



[edited by - JimboC on October 21, 2002 10:48:25 AM]

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