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3D Solid Cube

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Hi there again! I''m writing a DOS32 progam that rotates a 3D solid cube, and I''m having some problems with backface culling and hidden surface removal. If anyone can help me out to get it working, I''ll be grateful. (I''m a beginner at 3D graphics) Thank you! ..-=gLaDiAtOr=-..

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Backface culling is really quite easy. What you want to check is wether the triangle's normal is facing the camera or not. You do this like so:

d = DotProduct(TriangleVertex - CameraPosition, Normal);
if( d >= 0 )
// The camera is behind the triangle
// The camera is in front of the triangle


The dot product of two vectors, U and V, is calculated as

DotProduct = U.x*V.x + U.y*V.y + U.z*V.z;

The mathematical formula for the dot product is

DotProduct = LengthOf(U)*LengthOf(V)*cos(SmallestAngle(U,V))

This will have the effect that if the vectors are perpendicular to each other the dotproduct is 0, if they are facing in the same general direction (angle < 90 degrees) the dotproduct is positive and negative if facing away from each other (angle > 90 degrees).


You can also do the test after 3D to 2D projection by computing the signed area of the triangle:

Area = (U.x*V.y - U.y*V.x)/2;
if( Area < 0 )
// The triangle is invisible
// The triangle is visible

The formula for the signed area is derived from the cross product (But that is not relevant to your question).


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