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Win32 threads

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Hello all! Im having a litle problem running threads under win9x. If i compile the source code under NT/XP the threads work like they should, but if i compile under win98 it dosent work.. My guess is that im missing something but i dont know.. sometime ago, someone told be to put a #define and it should work.. but it didnt Anyone has any idea of what might be my problem? Thanks in advance

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You''re using some kind of function that isn''t supported under win9x

And we can''t help you with that unless you post some source code.

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Ok, the code:

#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0500 // the #define that i mentioned



DWORD WINAPI ActualizaStatus(LPVOID param);

int WINAPI WinMain(...)
// create window and initialize stuff


// msgs handler


//nothing important for the thread


// the thread itself

DWORD WINAPI ActualizaStatus(LPVOID param)
HANDLE hTimer;
FILETIME filetime;

StatusReport((HWND)param); // unimportant function


Yes, this code works.. at least on NT/XP.. on win98 its as if the code wasnt there.. (bunch of NOP''s kiding)

This is the third time i try to answer..
1º time page error
2º computer crash .. weeee

(btw, sorry 4 my bad english)

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For starters try _beginthreadex instead of CreateThread. You'll probably need to include process.h

How does the thread exit??

[edited by - Solo on October 21, 2002 1:54:32 PM]

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It ends when the app ends..

btw, i get "warning C4013: '_beginthreadex' undefined; assuming extern returning int"

and i have, #include <process.h>
and also
#pragma comment(lib, "LIBCMT.LIB")
#pragma comment(lib, "MSVCRT.LIB")

even the example doesnt work :| (in the MSDN)

[edited by - lastresort on October 21, 2002 2:15:28 PM]

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the example is :

#include <windows.h>
#include <process.h> /* _beginthread, _endthread */
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <conio.h>

void Bounce( void *ch );
void CheckKey( void *dummy );

/* GetRandom returns a random integer between min and max. */
#define GetRandom( min, max ) ((rand() % (int)(((max) + 1) - (min))) + (min))

BOOL repeat = TRUE; /* Global repeat flag and video variable */
HANDLE hStdOut; /* Handle for console window */
CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFO csbi; /* Console information structure */

void main()
CHAR ch = ''A'';

hStdOut = GetStdHandle( STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE );

/* Get display screen''s text row and column information. */
GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo( hStdOut, &csbi );

/* Launch CheckKey thread to check for terminating keystroke. */
_beginthread( CheckKey, 0, NULL );

/* Loop until CheckKey terminates program. */
while( repeat )
/* On first loops, launch character threads. */
_beginthread( Bounce, 0, (void *) (ch++) );

/* Wait one second between loops. */
Sleep( 1000L );

/* CheckKey - Thread to wait for a keystroke, then clear repeat flag. */
void CheckKey( void *dummy )
repeat = 0; /* _endthread implied */


/* Bounce - Thread to create and and control a colored letter that moves
* around on the screen.
* Params: ch - the letter to be moved
void Bounce( void *ch )
/* Generate letter and color attribute from thread argument. */
char blankcell = 0x20;
char blockcell = (char) ch;
BOOL first = TRUE;
COORD oldcoord, newcoord;
DWORD result;

/* Seed random number generator and get initial location. */
srand( _threadid );
newcoord.X = GetRandom( 0, csbi.dwSize.X - 1 );
newcoord.Y = GetRandom( 0, csbi.dwSize.Y - 1 );
while( repeat )
/* Pause between loops. */
Sleep( 100L );

/* Blank out our old position on the screen, and draw new letter. */
if( first )
first = FALSE;
WriteConsoleOutputCharacter( hStdOut, &blankcell, 1, oldcoord, &result );
WriteConsoleOutputCharacter( hStdOut, &blockcell, 1, newcoord, &result );

/* Increment the coordinate for next placement of the block. */
oldcoord.X = newcoord.X;
oldcoord.Y = newcoord.Y;
newcoord.X += GetRandom( -1, 1 );
newcoord.Y += GetRandom( -1, 1 );

/* Correct placement (and beep) if about to go off the screen. */
if( newcoord.X < 0 )
newcoord.X = 1;
else if( newcoord.X == csbi.dwSize.X )
newcoord.X = csbi.dwSize.X - 2;
else if( newcoord.Y < 0 )
newcoord.Y = 1;
else if( newcoord.Y == csbi.dwSize.Y )
newcoord.Y = csbi.dwSize.Y - 2;

/* If not at a screen border, continue, otherwise beep. */
Beep( ((char) ch - ''A'') * 100, 175 );
/* _endthread given to terminate */


and the errors/warnings :

C:\test\test.c(27) : warning C4013: ''_beginthread'' undefined; assuming extern returning int
C:\test\test.c(64) : error C2065: ''_threadid'' : undeclared identifier
C:\test\test.c(101) : warning C4013: ''_endthread'' undefined; assuming extern returning int
Error executing cl.exe.

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