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Could someone tell me the correct approach for writing a SAVE module for a 3D game. Would like to know exactly what is used to save a game. Thank you Tom

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it's pretty much entirely dependant on the specifics of your game.

some things that may be universal:

-current map/level
-what objects (monsters/characters/bullets/spells) are currently active (index list of dynamic objects perhaps)
-position and stats of same objects (hp, spells left/bullets left, etc)
-state of any AI state machines

anything else that your game requires to run which is not already "saved" in some sort of file. i.e. you won't save the level map b/c that's already in a file.

more or less, it'll become readily apparent what you need to save once you write the game and engine. until the engine/game is at least partially written, there's not much point in coming up with a save game file format.


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I need to figure this out too.. how to write data from different types of arrays or structures to a file, then load them back into arrays or structures again, with another function. I dont just mean strings, that would be easy, but I need floating point numbers and bytes to be saved and then loaded too.
Anyone have any good links or tips?

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