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Market Trends

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Northchild    122
I have an (extremely minor) project for school. I was told to ask for opinions about trends that game developers see in the field in the near future and in ten years from now. I''ve gotten a couple of pointers here about the "silver surfers" and the five-year cycle, but any input would be welcome. Thank you!

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DavidRM    270
There are 3 primary categories of pundit:

* Those who see everything undergoing radical change, even as they speak. The whole world is going to be different come this time tomorrow.

* Those who see nothing changing at all. One trend is pretty much another, and in the end, everything works out to be the same as it was.

* Those who see things progressing pretty much as they are. Change will come, but not as quickly as some might think. More of a continuing theme, evolving over time.

Take your pick.

Samu Games

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