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Binary Kid

Aspiring Programmer Needs Assistance

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Hello everyone. I am an aspiring programmer. I was wondering what exactly I need to know in order to be able to program. Should I start with the loops, variables, etc., then move onto OpenGL, then Win32 programming in that order? I want to be a full-time game programmer. What my main, overall question is is "What do I need to learn to be able to program games, full time, for a company?" I know I need to learn C++ and OpenGL but is there anything else that I need to learn? Thank you in advanced to all who help me! Binary Kid

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Yeah, that''s the general idea, though you''d usually want to learn at least a little Win32 before you move onto OpenGL - enough to let you set up your application, that kind of thing.

In terms of programming languages and libraries, C++ would certainly be useful, and OpenGL is a handy API to be familiar with. Depending on what you end up doing, at least a passing familiarity with some of the components of DirectX would also be useful.

That''s enough to be able to program, but to be useful to a company you''ll probably need to know a bit more than that. In addition to the languages and libraries you''ll need experience with various standard algorithms, paradigms, data structures, that kind of thing. Things like trees, lists, basic search algorithms, and so on. A bit of proper software engineering knowledge would help - OO and modular design paradigms, UML, formal design techniques, systems modelling, stuff like that.

Just my two cent - get a few more opinions before you take my rambling too seriously.

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