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I have a few questions. Now, firstly I''m almost sure that this has been done b4, but I think that I can make this turn out a little better than other websites that do this. My idea is a game of the month kind of a thing. We will make a game every month with an RPG engine that I have programmed. Now, they will be short Less-than-an-hour games. We will have a specific release date on each game. The first few months, they will all be done by us. However, after the site (hopefully) picks up popularity, we will allow people to submit their games they have made with our engine to us. I am uploading as we speak an example game of what I''m talking about. This took me 2 days to make, so don''t make fun of it. I know this kind of thing has been done before, but I think it would turn out something like that website where people would just submit the funniest most abstract things and everyone loves it. I hope that it will turn out that way. When Mafia 0-the preface is finished uploading to GDShowcase, I''ll make another post for an example of the kinds of games we will be looking for. Tell us what you think! And also, the whole game is a big inside joke, but, people that don''t even know Mr. DervisII (We''re slowly changing our teachers name from mr. davis to mr. Derwin II) or our chemistry class still laugh really hard, so I think that it will turn out to be something a lot of people will be interested in. Oh, and for my question... haha. I got my web site uploading capabilities taken away, we changed DSL companies. Is there a free way I can upload 20+mb files? Any free servers like that? Thanks!

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