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Where to Start?

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as i am new to game programming and want to start my first game (i have it all planned out etc..) it just occured to me that i haven''t the faintest idea on where to begin! I want to make a Formula 1 management game (you might have read some of my previous posts?) but should i start with the front end, the race engine etc... does anyone have any ideas on what component of a sports management game i should start to program first? ''cause i am at a loose end

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I think you could start with the 3d engine because this is an important part and it''s not the easiest thing to program but also the most interesting one.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You should first start by defining ALL of your files.
THis is very important. You can not just add to your
file records when you come to them because that''ll
add a lot of tedious deleting and recreating of your files.
Plus, everytime you change you file structures and forget to delete and recreate them, then you get a nasty ''read beyond EOF'' error. Thos are so damned annoying.

Then, in my opinion, you should work on an interface and SIMPLE racing engine. You said management game, so I''m going to assume you do not have any immediate plans for a complex, in depth 3D engine. You should make the racing engine as simple as possible. Even going as far as just sorting the racer''s top speed and determining the winner that way. Why? Because getting in ALL of the data for the racers, race cars, tracks, schedule are mor eimportant then the racing engine. Then, once you done and you have a functional game working, go back and start doing the racing engine. If you did it right, then you souldn''t have to make any changes whatsoever to the interface (or front end).

If you have any questions, e-mail me. I''ve done a couple of different management games in the past.

Jason Wood

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