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Design Documentation

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Hello! I was planing on making an rpg (yeah, I know, everyones making an rpg, but that''s not the point), and I was wondering how detailed I should make the Design Docs. The reason is, is that an RPG is a massive project, and if I don''t plan ahead, the project will just fall apart. But how indepth should I make this document? If I decide to hire a musician for my game, I''ll need to know what he''ll have to do. Anyways, Talk to everyone later! -Doddler

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I''m getting bored of design documents *RULES* after four different projects:

Do whatever feels best! Maybe you have a simple idea, and you want to write some doodles, but don''t try to make something that you don''t feel that you don''t need.

I used to fill 10 pages long "forms" which contained every topic in game, but now I see that it didn''t serve me at all, but it server other people who were interested about working on same project. Still, if you are working alone, forget it

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Well, for an RPG, I would do the following:

- Record ALL characters, NPCs in the game and their role.

- Make a careful documentation of the plot.

- Make sure to list all features of the interface (in an RPG especially, make sure you know how the battle system will work and things like that)

- Make sketches of animations and attacks. This is something I think everyone SHOULD do, but even I tend to slack off in this area.

This may seem like a lot, but I think it''s all pretty important stuff. Heck, maybe you''ll end up putting MORE info into the design doc, which is great.

I think you should definitely do a large portion of the doc before starting the game, but on the other hand don''t let it take up your life for weeks on end. Unless this is a really major project that will be pitched to companies and commercially published... if not, just do enough to get a good concise game plan.

Atypical Interactive

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Ok, thanks for the help every one!!!

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