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Hi everyone. does anyone here know anything about OpenML, is it O P E N, as in people like me can help, it is CVS''d ? no ? Well, what do people reckon, do you think that it will release us from the platform dependance of DirectX ? I think it will, but as long as the cross platform implementations are solid enough to make people feel happy about using them. anyway, this was a completely open message, so, feel free to reply anything you like kosh

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I got really interested in OpenML as well when I read the news post about it about it the other day! I checked out the site, though and after reading for a while I''m not quite sure what to think anymore. Its supposed to be a DirectX-like API, right? But it seems to focus more on Media presentation (like pictures and movies, etc.) than on stuff like Input, Networking, etc. The compnonents of DirectX that are missing from OpenGL

Does anyone know any more about this? Is my impression completely wrong? Is there something else out there that will fill in the gaps? It would be really cool to have a supported cross-platform API standard to work with!

Check out the GPI project today!

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