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Need help of multi-level 2D game developing

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I''m building a game whose world has many levels. Map of each level has the same height. Levels are linked by stairs and walls. My question is: what data structure is best suitable in this situation? Thank for your suggestion :-)

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This is probably a 2D game right?
If it''s all the same height, and the only linkages are at stairs then
1) in the area set an trigger/event(if player traverses this area) or a filename tag. Save the current level with any list of objects on it and then load the linked map with all its objects(swap in the levels)

2) don''t understand what you meant by "Levels are linked by...walls.

3) I usually use an array of pointers for my tilemap
struct tileinfo
int xpos, ypos;
Actor* UnitHere;
int TileNumber;
int AlphaTileNumber;
int BackgroundTileNumber;
} *CurrentMap[MAXROWS][MAXCOLS];

When you load it you just malloc a tileinfo struct for each tile.

If it''s 3D, then save oldinfo and load newinfo after a triggered event.

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