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Exception when initialzie the Direct3D Device

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Hi, the debugger says this: _PR_DetectD3D: 10028930 sub esp,2F8h 10028936 push ebx 10028937 push esi 10028938 push edi 10028939 mov ecx,5Fh 1002893E xor eax,eax 10028940 lea edi,[esp+0Ch] 10028944 rep stos dword ptr [edi] 10028946 mov ecx,5Fh 1002894B lea edi,[esp+188h] 10028952 rep stos dword ptr [edi] 10028954 mov eax,17Ch 10028959 lea edx,[esp+188h] 10028960 mov dword ptr [esp+0Ch],eax 10028964 mov dword ptr [esp+188h],eax 1002896B mov eax,[_wgtpdd (1012709c)] 10028970 push edx 10028971 lea edx,[esp+10h] 10028975 mov ecx,dword ptr [eax] The source code is: void JNSystem::Initialize() { FUNC // message Console->Printf (JNVMSG_INIT, "Started to initialize.\n"); // register anything Console->RegisterAllVariables(); Console->RegisterAllCommands(); RegisterAllPlugins(); // load the default configuration if (!Console->ExecScript (CONFIG_DEFCONFIGFILE)) Console->Printf (JNVMSG_ERROR, "Can''t open default config file: ''%s''!", CONFIG_DEFCONFIGFILE); // checking directory structure string fn= Info.HomeDir; fn.append (CONFIG_DATAHOMESUBDIRECTORY); Stuff->CheckDir (fn.substr (0, fn.size()- 1)); // load the user''s std. configuration Console->ExecScript (fn.append (CONFIG_CONFIGFILENAME).c_str()); // open the database if (!Database->Open (CONFIG_OBJECTDATABASEFILE)) Console->Printf (JNVMSG_ERROR, "Can''t open object database file: ''%s''!", CONFIG_OBJECTDATABASEFILE); Database->Load(); // Init PR for direct 3d device= DEVICE_D3D; device= PR_DetectD3D(); PR_Initialize (CONFIG_MAXTRIANGLESPERFRAME); PR_InitializeD3D(); END ("Felix Kollmann") } bye Felix Kollmann, DG5PT Future Interactive [http://www.futureint.com] [fkollmann@gmx.net]

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