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SLOW Text in DirectX

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Why oh why it's so slow to write simple text in DirectX (DirectDraw)? I have to write 100 entries to screen, and no matter what I do, the program is slow ( <20 fps). This is the code I use- about 150 fps without writing text
Public Sub DrawStars()
Dim xx As Integer, xy As Integer
 Call g_d3dDevice.SetTexture(0, Stars(xi).texture)

 For xi = 1 To Numstars
  xx = Stars(xi).sRect.X1 + (Stars(xi).wdh / 2) - (TextWidth(Starnames(xi)) / 2)
  xy = Stars(xi).sRect.Y2 + (Stars(xi).hgt / 2) - (TextHeight(Starnames(xi)) / 2)
  call g_ddsbackbuffer.drawtext(xx,xy,Starnames(xi),false)

  Call g_d3dDevice.DrawPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP, D3DFVF_TLVERTEX, Stars(xi).vertex(0), 4, 0)
End Sub
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There may be some slowdown between swapping from a 2D function (DrawText) to a 3D function (DrawPrimitive). The device may have to do some internal state changing. And if DrawText calls the GDI to do the drawing, as I suspect it does, that will make it even slower. Perhaps using DrawText to render an alphabet onto a texture surface at the start of the program, and then writing something to render individual letters from there would be quicker (but more work, of course!)

Besides which, I expect you would be better off batching all the DrawPrimitive stuff into 1 call, to eliminate overhead, even though you might have to use triangle lists instead.

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Well... ummm bad news, DrawText from what I can tell does actually call Lock, GetDC, TextOut, Unlock.... simple but very inefficient....

Better to make your own function, write a DLL, or just make your own characther function to bit from a characther sheet.

You making a VB game too? Cool....

-Now Working on Pokemon like Engine!

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