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Objects Saving themselves to files

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Look here at this code. This is my file header for my level files for BeanWars, my RTS game I''m making. This is my declaration of my structs/classes and the save function. This doesn''t work: struct AISettings { bool IsBuilding; int AttackDelay; int AttackInterval; int AttackPercent; int AIDelay; }; class LevelFileHeader { public: LPSTR Title; int NumCreatures[8]; int NumFutureCreatures[8]; int Mapxs; int Mapys; int MapX; int MapY; AISettings AI[8]; void Save(ofstream &fout); void Load(ifstream &fin); }; void LevelFileHeader::Save(ofstream &fout) { fout<<(char)StrLen(Title); for(int i = 0; i < StrLen(Title); i++) fout<; for(i = 0; i < 8; i++) fout.write((char*)NumCreatures[0], sizeof(NumCreatures[0])); for(i = 0; i < 8; i++) fout.write((char*)NumFutureCreatures[0], sizeof(NumFutureCreatures[0])); fout.write((char*)Mapxs, sizeof(Mapxs)); fout.write((char*)Mapys, sizeof(Mapys)); fout.write((char*)MapX, sizeof(MapX)); fout.write((char*)MapY, sizeof(MapY)); for(i = 0; i < 8; i++) { fout.write((char*)AI[i].AIDelay, sizeof(AI[i].AIDelay)); fout.write((char*)AI[i].IsBuilding, sizeof(AI[i].IsBuilding)); fout.write((char*)AI[i].AttackDelay, sizeof(AI[i].AttackDelay)); fout.write((char*)AI[i].AttackInterval, sizeof(AI[i].AttackInterval)); fout.write((char*)AI[i].AttackPercent, sizeof(AI[i].AttackPercent)); } return; } ofstream savefile("level1.bwl"); Header.Save(savefile); Why doesn''t this work? Any suggestions on how to do this easier? BTW, savefile.write doesn''t work. You can''t convert this data type to char*. ~BenDilts( void );

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Firstly, you''re trying to do binary output to a file opened in textmode. ofstream savefile("level1.bwl") opens a file for writing in text mode by default, unless you specify ios_base::binary as extra parameter.
If you write to an ofstream in binary mode, only ofstream::write will work. << or >> won''t work with binary files.

Secondly, ofstream::write expects a pointer to the first byte of the data you''re writing. So, you''d have to use (char *)&Mapxs instead of (char *)Mapxs.


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