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Looking for the perfect Electric Keyboard

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ok, I need a keyboard that offers at LEAST 16 tracks to compose from, something with a ton of voices, can hook up a sustain pedal to, and it needs to support dynamics as well (in other words, hitting a note harder will make a louder noise than hitting it softly). I know of no keyboard types, or what to look for exactly, can anyone help me? Possibly by giving me some brand names, or keyboard specific name that I can check into, or by recommending diffrent places to look around.

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Yamaha Clavinova (sp?)

This has all that through a midi interface. Some versions have less voices than others. I would recomend hooking it up to either a GMidi decoder or a Sound Blaster Live Drive (or the Audigy equivelent). Or posibly use the Live Drive to run a software synth program like reason.

Hope that answers your question.

(note pretty much all midi devices only use 16 tracks)

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Two words - Korg Triton. If you have the money, they can be a great asset to your sound arsenal. Especially considering the undocumented feature of using it as an effects processor. You can pump two sources through simultaneously. And you can slam it through a total of 7 effects out of a list of about 110. It''s quite handy. It also has a built in 16 track sequencer, sampling capabilities, hundreds of base sounds - 4 of which can be turned into your programs - and 8 of them can be turned into your combinations. Anyway - highly recommended.


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