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Twin Gamma Ramp Problem (!) et al... (DX8.0)

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Okay, here goes: I decided to use the gamma ramp fetures of dx8, so I create a D3DGAMMARAMP structure, blank it out, GetGammaRamp the current ramp settings, then do some modifications and SetGammaRamp it. The result? 1) (Problem #1In windowed mode: NOTHING. Null, not even the slightest modification, even though the sdk notes contradict, saying that the ramp settings can be used both in f/s mode AND in a window! 2) (Problem #2In full-screen mode: OK, this is even crazier; NO OUTPUT AT ALL! In windowed mode, there is the rendered flare, normally, only the ramp doesn't take effect; in full-screen mode, the output goes totally blank (black)! Just ton avoid misunderstandings, here are two details I noticed: a> The ramp is set normally in any case (I cleared the structure and Got it later on to find out that it is truly set). b> The blank screen problen (#2) kicks in no matter the new ramp settings. Here's what I did to check it out: I got the normal ramp settings from the device and then re-Set the unmodified. The result is the blank screen again!(#$%@!). BTW, my GeForce2MX400 can't calibrate (no caps2 bit set), but the problem seems to be quite irrelevant. What is going wrong? Any ideas? Actually I want to use this feature for color-tinting, FF6 style, as well as for black-and-white scenes. Now, about this latter one, now that I think more carefully of it, I can't see how a gamma ramp can turn the output to grayscale. Any ideas on THAT? Any help appreciated Flare -----------<<>>----------- Ga1adaN, Primus ante Adein flareman@freemail.gr -----------<<>>------------ [edited by - Flareman on November 1, 2002 4:48:26 PM]

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I too have seen strange behavior with the gamma ramp. Specificly, I used GetGammaRamp and then immediately called SetGammaRamp with the data I just got and the screen went black. The following fix seemed to set the gamma values back to what SetGammaRamp is expecting.

pd3dDevice->GetGammaRamp( &defaultRamp );
for( i = 0; i < 256; i++ )
defaultRamp.red *= 256;
defaultRamp.green[i] *= 256;
defaultRamp.blue[i] *= 256;
pd3dDevice->SetGammaRamp( D3DSGR_CALIBRATE, &defaultRamp );

Hope that helps.

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Good news are, the tinting works in full-screen. Bad news are, it still doesn''t work in windowed mode. Anybody got a clue?

Also, about those B&W scenes... any suggestions?

Ga1adaN, Primus ante Adein

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