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Bounding Spheres?

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I have implemented a frustum calculation method in my engine and test for sphere. What I need now is an algorithm for creating a bounding sphere from a mesh (I use ms3d meshes with my on renderer). So basically, is there a way to make a bounding sphere (center and radius) from the mesh''s vertices? I have searched google and flipcode, but I didnt get good results.

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Creating bounding spheres is quite simple really. You need to first find the center the object, and then test the distance between that and every vertex in the object to get the max. distance. Save that and the radius. To test for collision between two objects, test the sum of their radiuses and against the distance between the two center vertexes. If that distance is greater, the two objects are not colliding.

How do I find the center and the maximum vertex? Well, for the center, you need to create a bounding box and find the midpoint between two diagomally opposite vertexes. But how do you compute the box?! Still easy! You need to find the minimum and maximum x, y, and z values in the entire object. Just iterate through and test each one against the currently stored values.

I don't have much more time, so I can't give you all the algorithms and such. Just search "bounding sphere collision detection" on You _should_ find something, I've tried it before. At worst you may need to invest in a book. The first of the Gems series explains this very well (that's where I learned it ).

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Some of my code to do a bounding box, I hope this helps:

//in the header

typedef struct
float min_x;
float min_y;
float min_z;
float max_x;
float max_y;
float max_z;


//whatever function

//clear the bounding box



//get x,y,z, from your mesh

//do the bounding box







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