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3D -> 2D

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3d->2d is all relative to the view plane. For example, the results you desired must mean the view plane must be parallel to object you wish to render. Not all objects in your scene will work right for your method - it''s only for a single object. Hope that makes sense.

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Easy way:

Pick an axis, then drop that axis componet from your 3D cords. Bingo, you have a 2D projection plane looking down the axis you did away with and no scaling.

Orthographic Projection:

The projections are onto one of the cord planes x=0, y=0, or z=0. Basicly the same as above but more proper wording. To do an orthographic projection from an arbitrary view you first must determain your objects position in view space from world space, and then drop what will be your cord representing depth in the view space before putting it in 2D screen space.

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