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gouraud shading doesn't work on all my object - please help!

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Hello, I''m a newbie on DirectX API I load an XFile (a Jack o''Lantern) in a CD3DMesh with the Create method. Part of my prog : /////////////////////////////////////////// // Load my Logo (Pumkin for Halloween) m_pDeviceObjects->m_pLogo = new CD3DMesh(); if( !m_pDeviceObjects->m_pLogo) return E_FAIL; if( FAILED( m_pDeviceObjects->m_pLogo->Create(m_pd3dDevice, CURRENT_LOGO_FILE))) return E_FAIL; m_pDeviceObjects->m_pLogo->UseMeshMaterials(true); m_pDeviceObjects->m_pLogo->SetFVF( m_pd3dDevice, D3DFVF_MYCUSTOMVERTEX); etc. My scene contains 1 directionnal light and 1 point light (into the head). On rendering, the gouraud shading doesn''t work on all vertex. I see a join which look''s like a meridian on my pumkin. But when I load my object with the Mesh viewer of the DXSDK, my object is perfectly smooth. I think I must have forgotten a step. Anybody has an idea ?? Thank you. A+ :: NeKo ::

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