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Problem whit sfcanf and huge file

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Hi people! i have a problem whit a huge file in txt format , i try to read this TXT very long file and i use fscanf , but i only can read 900 elements of this file , anyone have a trick or something to read a big txt file? here is the code i use /*************************************/ FILE * fp; float *vertex = new float; int *faces = new int; fp=fopen(name, "r"); setbuf(fp, buf ); fscanf(fp,"%d",&num_vtx); printf("num vtx = %d\n",num_vtx); printf("start loading vtxs\n"); for(int i=0;i<(num_vtx*3);i++){//24 printf("%d ",i); fscanf(fp,"%f",&vertex); } fscanf(fp,"%d",&num_faces); printf("\nnum faces:%d\n",num_faces); printf("start loading faces\n"); for(int j=0;j<(num_faces*3);j++){//12 printf("%d ",j); fscanf(fp,"%d",&faces[j]); }

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typedef struct {float x,y,z;} tVertex;
tVertex *_Vertexes = NULL;

BOOL readVtx ( const char *filename )
FILE *fhd = NULL;

if ( ( fhd = fopen (filename, "rt" ) ) == NULL )
return FALSE;

fscanf ( fhd, "%d",&_numVtx );
printf ( "Number of vertexes : %d\n", _numVtx );

_Vertexes = malloc ( sizeof (tVertex)*_numVtx );

for ( int i = 0; i < (_numVtx); i++ )
fscanf ( fhd, "%f %f %f", &_Vertex[i].x, &_Vertexes[i].y, &_Vertexes[i].z );

fclose ( fhd );
return ( TRUE );

Should work, add some validation. And the vertex file should be in format:

x y z
x y z


1.0 1.0 1.0
2.0 2.0 2.0

And remember to free allocated memory. This was written on top of my head, but I think you get the picture.

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