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Turning off a bit

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I feel stupid that I can''t seem to figure this out, but how do I turn off just one bit in a larger number? For example: If I have the number 00110001 (49) and I want to set bit 2 to 1, I know I can just use the inclusive or (|) with 00000100 (4) and it ends up 00110101 (53), which is what I want. What if I want to do it the other way around though? What if I wanted to, say, turn the first bit off instead? How would I turn 00110001 (49) to 00110000 (48)? I''ve tried using ^, but that has the nasty habit of switching the bit from on to off AND from off to on. Is there any way I can turn it OFF only, and leave it alone if it''s already on? It''s easy the other way around, and it annoys me that I can''t find a way here. I could just do if ((number&(1<

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