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"Porting" a single-player game to multi-

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I started playing NetHack earlier today and (as I''m sure many have before me) thought about how interesting it would be to play a multi-player version. I have no intentions of writing such a program (as variants like MAngband and even Diablo already exist), so my question is mostly a theoretical one. How would you go about rewriting a game''s rulesets which is intended for waiting on a single-player''s input (NetHack) or multi-player but turned-base (D&D and many other table top RPGs) to a non-blocking multi-player game? There''ve been numerous "ports" in the past (multiple online D&D games) as well as RPGs intended to be online from the beginning (Diablo, Everquest, etc.) and what are your opinions about how successful they''ve been? (Pros and cons of how they made it function in a multi-player domain.)

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