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Combining Octree & Heightmap code, easy question!

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Hi. Thanx for looking. The question I have is fairly easy I guess, because it''s quite basic C++ I guess, but for some reason it won''t work. In my game engine, I implemented octree code like in the tutorials. (Octree Tutorial 1 & 2) This was done after I implemented the heightmap loading, also much like on this site. (At least, it also loads in the heightmap in a byte. The rendering is quite different but that''s of no matter at this subject) The octree code loades from a .RAW file in which every line contains 3 floats (x, y, z for a vertex) But a normal .RAW file like the ones used for the heightmap tutorial are totally different. What I''m trying to do is convert the "normal" .RAW data (which I load in into a byte like in the heightmap tutorials) to the data format used in the octree tutorials (load all the vertex data into a list of Vectors, which is necessary/really usefull for the frustum checking) Still with me? K. First, my code for loading in a heightmap .RAW file (into a byte) BOOL CHeightmap::LoadRAW(LPSTR strFile, int size, BYTE *pByteArray) { FILE *pFile = NULL; pFile = fopen(strFile, "rb"); if (pFile == NULL) { g_log.Print("Could not load map file"); return FALSE; } fread(pByteArray, 1, size, pFile); int result = ferror(pFile); if (result) { g_log.Print("Could not get data out of map file"); return FALSE; } fclose(pFile); return TRUE; } now the Y-coord data is in the byte array. The loading code for the octree data is like this: void LoadWorld(char filename[]) { FILE *fp = fopen(filename, "r"); if (!fp) g_log.Print("Could not load world"); CVector vTemp; while (TRUE) { BOOL result = fscanf(fp, "%f %f %f\n", &vTemp.x, &vTemp.y, &vTemp.z); if (result == EOF) break; g_NumberOfVerts++; } g_pVertices = new CVector [g_NumberOfVerts]; rewind(fp); int index = 0; for (int i = 0; i < g_NumberOfVerts; i++) { fscanf(fp, "%f %f %f\n", &g_pVertices[index].x, &g_pVertices[index].y, &g_pVertices[index].z); index++; } fclose(fp); } What I want to do again: Load in a .RAW like in method one, but convert the data in the BYTE pByteArray to the data type which you get from the 2nd piece o'' code. (an int g_NumberOfVerts and the x, y, z for the vertices in Cvector array g_pVertices. I think these 2 variabeles are the only 2 needed for the octree code right? So my attempt was this: if (!g_Heightmapper.LoadRAW("world.raw", 128, g_HeightMap)) return FALSE; g_pVertices = new CVector [128 * 128]; for (int i = 0; i < 128; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < 128; j++) { g_pVertices[i * 128 + j].x = float(j); g_pVertices[i * 128 + j].y = float(g_HeightMap[i * 128 + j]); g_pVertices[i * 128 + j].z = float(i); } } g_NumberOfVerts = 128 * 128; It doesn''t work though... I get REALLY REALLY weird errors (can''t really explain, no debug errors but really weird windows errors.) Once I strip the line g_NumberOfverts = 128 * 128; I don''t get the errors, but now there''s no working code of course... Can anybody tell me what I''m doing wrong or give me a working piece o'' code? Thanks in advance!

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