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Realism Idea

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Hey, I have an idea for making 3-D games that are of the first person shooter genre more realistic. Oftentimes (especially if you have played half-life or counterstrike) the walls and corners will be so flat even if its textured, viewing from an angle just isn''t as beautiful as it could be. What about the possibility of adding realism by having polygon texture maps or voxel texture maps applied to textures to give true texture to what normally would be a perfectly flat wall?

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or check out the new doom (*cough*) :D

no seriously, doom3 shows the next step of image quality and visual impressive features. then there are displacementmappings comming, and high dynamic range colors.. in some years, flat is out:D

"take a look around" - limp bizkit

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Like the others have said the next step is bump-mapping. All the 3D modellers(that just don''t do skins) have it. It takes a texture tga or bmp and modifies a flat texture so that it looks like it has depths by including a very high degree of shadowing.
I once did in TrueSpace a wizard''s room with a tiled-floor. But I used a flat texture and added the tiling with a bump-map. No separate 3d tiles needed.

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