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Lesson 31 first lesson to not compile

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I''ve been going through each lesson in the NeHe Tutorials, and have had no problems until lesson 31, which deals with the Milkshape model importer. I recieved the following errors, which may be caused by mssdk and STL Port being used as the default libraries... Compiling... Lesson31.cpp MilkshapeModel.cpp c:\sierra\nehe\lesson31\milkshapemodel.cpp(117) : error C2039: ''nocreate'' : is not a member of ''basic_ios >'' c:\sierra\nehe\lesson31\milkshapemodel.cpp(117) : error C2065: ''nocreate'' : undeclared identifier c:\sierra\nehe\lesson31\milkshapemodel.cpp(126) : error C2664: ''read'' : cannot convert parameter 1 from ''unsigned char *'' to ''char *'' Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast Model.cpp Error executing cl.exe. I have DirextX 8.0 SDK installed on my machine, along with STL Port (I forget which version) and service pack 5 for Visual C++. mssdk has been set to the first entry in the library paths, for use with OGRE rendering engine ( Typically, I have to include LIBCMT under settings-->link-->input-->[ignore libraries]. That, however, was not sufficient in this case. Anyone else have this problem?

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