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[java] Sound is not playing in the examples

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Hello, I am working on a little game using GameFrame 0_9_6_RC2 and JDK 1.4. I had installed everything yesterday and things worked fine, I tested all examples and they worked as they should, the sound examples played sound, everything ok. Today I suddenly noticed that my test app does not output any sound. Then I checked the demo sound examples that came with the library and they suddenly were quiet, too! Although they played sound yesterday. SO I am very confused now, what happened? And before someone asks, I have my volume turned up and I also tried playing sound through winamp or windows media player and they work, only GameFrame apps do not output sound. I checked if the SoundEngine fails to initialize, but it is ok! So what is happening here? Is it a bug in GameFrame or in the JDK? Or am I the bug? ;-)

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