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What would cause this?

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I have two little problems. First, sometimes when I go full screen depending on the resolution and bit depth, the IDirect3DDevice8:resent() fails, but clear, beginscene, and endscene were already called and didn''t fail. If you can help me with this I''d appreciate it. Secondly I coded a little spinning triangle thing, and it won''t rasertize right. It will only show bits and pieces of the actual triangle, its not textured, but its lit, and there culling was turned off, and lighting was turned on. Please if anyone has anyone ideas, I''d greatly appreciate it.

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Not sure about the first problem but the second one
sounds like you did not set up the normals for each
vertex. Anytime lighting is on, you have to use
normals. That''s my uneducated guess anyways

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I''m pretty sure that I set my normals up right, and still no success. I''m utterly confused. I''m using this FVF:


with this structure:

struct VERTEX {
float x, y, z, nx, ny, nz;
DWORD d, s;

If anyone can help me I''d greatly appreciate it, also it might help you to help me if I could post a picture of what the render looks like, is this possible? if so how do I do it? Thanks for you help. And present still fails after I validate the device.

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