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Ritual Magic

"Standard" classes - suggestions?

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Hi alls OK, well, the whole game writing thing is turning out to be alot of fun What I'd like to do now is to write some base classes that I can use in all my games. What I would like are some suggestions on what to write. I've already written a mouse/keyboard class using DirectInput. I obviously need a sound class (although I know nothing about sound so I'm leaving that on the long finger for a bit). A general MakeWindow class? I realise I'm probably asking an impossible question, but any suggestions will do I'm not looking for code to copy, just some advice in case I miss obvious stuff and end up redoing it all later. On an aside, maybe someone could offer a suggestion on the following prolem I'm having: I'm writing a "button" class, for clickable areas of the screen. I'm using OpenGL, and currently just going with 2D stuff, so I'm using a textured Quad for the button. So far what I have looks something along the lines of: class CPanel { private: int x, y; // coordinates on screen int height, width; // height and width int textureid; // which texture to use bool visible, clickable; // visible? clickable? ???????? // function to call if clickable? public: methods in here.... }; Now, I would like to be able to tie the function to the button itself if it's clicked. For example, if I have a button that says "Quit", I'd like to call all the DeInit procedures and kill the app. Someone suggested a function pointer, but I'm not all that sure on how to implement this. Someone else told me it was just the wrong way to go about it Any suggestions? As always, thanks for any advice Sorry if it takes me a whil to get back and I appear to be ignoring the thread - I'm not, it's just that I'm currently without Net access at home, and I can only get the use of a machine at Uni occasionally. RM. ------------------------------------------------------------ Yes. it''s true, I DO wield the ugly stick. And I see I have beaten you with it before! [edited by - Ritual Magic on November 4, 2002 6:35:20 AM]

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