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Open Gl or Direct X

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Hi everybody! First I''m sorry for my mistakes in all messagess. I''m new in programing in c++ langue. I would like to ask what is better to learn for game programming. - Why is better -what is easyer -your oppinion -How to start learning. I''ll be realy gratefull for your answers. Bye

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1) This has been answerd at least 200 times in these forums before. Try searching for your answer.
2) Neither is better, they are both popular, practical, usable, and fast.
3) Easier is an opinion, and those who use DirectX are most likely to say DX is easier then OGL and vice versa.

To start learning DirectX, use the great resources at gamedev!
Click "Articels & Resources" under the Resources header and find your way through there.
One such site hosted by gamedev is

For opengl, there is NeHe which is an execellent resource:

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