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How were racing games like Outrun/Hangon done?

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Right, I know that you can do these kinds of games by using a flat track image:-
/\ / \ / \ / \
..and then making corners by shifting the rows of the image left or right a certain number of pixels. But how exactly are tracks mapped out? I''m guessing that you''d have an array: track[]={0,1,2,1,0,0,-1,-1,-2, etc.. Where 0 is straight, >0 is a right corner, <0 is a left corner.. But then how are the values "interpolated"? Can anyone give a little explaination or point me in the direction of a tutorial or commented code example? Thanks!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
project a 3d-spline on the screen (draw it as polyline)
for every y lookup z and x
use them to display and scale your street

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