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Please remove the Radeon banner

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It is very annoying to se the banner all over the monitor everytime i come back to General programming pool. I understand that you make a good income from it, but dont drive it too hard. It will effect your good reputation.

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Since I already dealt with one of these in Game Programming earlier in the morning I won''t even bother coming up with a new response.

Original post by Michalson
Lets review:

* This type of thread does not belong in here, it belongs in the lounge.

* There is already a highly visible thread, in special colors, within 100 pixels of the New Post button in every forum clearly labeled The Official Radeon Ad Thread.

Now for my comment:

I think has more than a few people too blind and/or stupid to see even the most obvious thing before they go off and start a new thread about it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.