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Another MMORPG idea... comment please...

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I''ve been mulling over the technical aspects of a MMORPG for a little bit now and have been trying to address several issues. One thing I wanted to do was design the game as a client/server application where the server does all of the calculates and the client serves a basically a thin-client that only displays the game visually and does some basic validation rules such as what actions can be done on certain game objects. The servers would push to the client any updates that the client may need, such as new game objects that enter the client''s view, changes in movement and actions, etc... It would push probably 70 bytes on average per object, with those bytes defining the object''s location and current status. Remember this is only done when the object''s status/location/whatever changes. An occasional server update message would also be sent to the clients telling them about basic server status. The client would simply send user inputs to the server (after a basic validation check to see if an action can be done) and would handle only the audio/visual aspect of the game. Locally on the client side, there would only be static data such as graphics, sounds, and valid "verbs" that can be performed on the various game objects. It would also know the projection of an object in motion so that the server doesn''t have to send constant location updates. The game is an Isometric view enviroment rendered using OpenGL. Security is a high priority so I wanted to keep as much as possible on the server and not have any game code on the client side other than rendering code. I''m worried about latency and narrowband performance. What''s everyone''s opinion on this?
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